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About Our Energy Price Comparison Company

Prepaid ElectricService is a privately held company that was established in 2003 to provide electricity customers the ability to use the power of the Internet in making their electric service choices. By using our hand-picked retail electric providers, our visitors are able to save, in most cases, up to 20% or more on their monthly electricity bill.

Since the beginning, our energy price comparison company has catered to more than 10,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. We have also helped thousands of clients choose an affordable electricity provider for their residential electricity.

The Goal of Our Company

It is the goal of our company to be able to provide our clients with the power to save on their utility bills, whether they are looking to power a residential home or a commercial business. We also work hard to promote energy conservation and develop vertical energy markets. Residents from throughout the states of Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey now have the power to choose their power company and ensure they are getting the savings they want. We are an authorized broker agent for multiple retail electric providers and look forward to helping you get the best rates possible.

Electricity Rate Guide

Electric rates are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Customer pricing will be final only after signing an electric provider’s service agreement. Not all of the cities in our service areas have electric choices and our pricing is based on area rates.

The average price per kWh is displayed for each of our retail electric providers and is based on 1,000 kWh per month usage. It is inclusive of fixed and variable local charges. The price disclosed for each retail electric provider is an example based on average usage patterns. Your actual average price for electric service will vary according to your actual electricity usage.

All of the rates are gathered from the “Electricity Facts Label” of each retail electric provider. Please note that electricity service offers can be fixed or variable and that a variable rate may change throughout your contract. A fixed rate, however, is guaranteed for the term of a contract.

Contact us to learn more about how our energy price comparison system works. We look forward to helping clients located throughout the state of Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey.

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